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Create your own Premium Angus beef pack!

For lovers of culinary specialties, whose refined taste always carries them on a journey through high-quality ingredients, we have created the ultimate package, Your Pack. You can customize the pack yourself: it will include selections of products that each customer desires to choose for themselves.

Send us a list containing the beef cuts you want to buy and the related quantities; the only condition is that the package must have a minimum value of 500 RON.


Please, pay attention! The calculation according to the data in the table is informative, the amount obtained is approximate, given that the cuts may vary in weight by ± 200 g; the final amount will be determined after weighing each piece before the package is ready for delivery.

Package description

Custom orders are received only if they have a value of at least 500 RON. Your package can contain any piece of an Angus carcass, including more special pieces such as Tomahawk or Cowboy steak, even roastbeef or quarters.

Please note that we do not sell organs, cheeks, tongue, tallow, or bones, but only parts of roast beef, rump, round, front quarter, hindquarter with flank, according to the list previously consulted.

All beef cuts are aged in a dry-age system for 21 days and individually vacuum-packed. The weight for each piece is approximate and can vary by +/- 5%.
The packages will be delivered in cardboard boxes and the refrigeration temperature during transport will be ensured by returnable refrigerated boxes.

Customized pack order steps:

  1. Fill in in the online order form and place the order.
    As with standard packages, custom orders are processed weekly only on Mondays and Wednesdays. Thus, your order will be processed within 3-5 working days from the date of its placement.
  2. Receive the invoice of your order.
    Before payment, the customer is asked to check the invoiced quantities, as the cuts may vary in weight by ± 200 g.
  3. Payment
    You can pay online by credit card, through a secured-payment link generated by EuPlă or by bank transfer into the account indicated in the invoice. In this case, please do not forget sending us the payment confirmation issued by your bank.
  4. Order delivery.
    Once the payment is done, the package will be placed at Cargus for delivery. The shipment tracking number (AWB Cargus) will be communicated to the customer by e-mail.

Find out all about Premium Angus packages, how you can have a healthy menu on our blog.

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