During the week of 28 November – 4 December, the last day for delivery of Karpaten Premium Angus packs will be Monday 28 November. We will take orders on the following days but due to the public holidays we will deliver on a normal schedule from the 5th of December.

Package contents:
• You may order at least one package

• You will find the delivery note, the invoice and all the necessary additional information inside the package.
• The beef cuts inside the package are dry-aged, refrigerated / frozen, vacuum packed and arranged in a cardboard box.


Packing and transport conditions:
• In order to deliver you fresh beef at a temperature of 0 – 3 ° C, during transport the package is placed in a special refrigeration box made of polystyrene.
• The refrigeration box is provided with 1-2 cooling batteries, above the cardboard box and underneath, respectively in the lid and on the bottom of the
refrigeration box. The cardboard box has several little holes which create a ventilation of the cold air and ensure a constant temperature for the beef. The
optimum temperature is maintained by sealing the Styrofoam box. This way the beef will arrive in perfect condition to you.

• The products are brought to the door by the courier and the package must be accepted personally. At the reception the refrigeration box and the cooling
batteries will be returned to the courier.


•  Orders placed online will be shipped within 3 to 5 working days
•  Deliveries are made only in Romania, anywhere in the country, except for Sibiu city where you may pick your ourder and receive a 10% discount
•  Regardless of the day you place your order online, the courier will pick up the beef packages from the farm only on Mondays and Wednesdays of each
week, according to the table below:



shipping day


  • Monday,
  • Tuesday, Wednesday before 09.00 a.m


  • Wednesday


  • Wednesday
  • after 09.00 a.m., Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday



• Packages will arrive to you within 24-36 hours from the time of dispatch from our headquarters.

• Before the package leaves our headquarters, our sales team will contact you by phone or email to confirm delivery. In case there are delays in delivery we
will promptly inform you by phone or email.
• For the products ordered and not delivered for various reasons (lack of stock, etc.), you will be notified in advance and possibly another delivery
date will be fixed. In special cases, such as holidays, you can send us your orders online even earlier, so you can prepare and manage them in a timely


Delivery in Sibiu:

• If you are from Sibiu or passing through Sibiu, check the personal pick-up option in the section: My order. You will benefit from a 10% discount but you will need to pick up the order yourself
• You can pick up your order from Str. Octavian Goga Street no.1 (the entrance in the house is from Str. Anghel Saligny) call Angus Group

• After the order has been finalized and the package delivered to our office, you can pick it up Mondays to Fridays from 08 to 16 o’clock


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