Orders must be placed online, by phone or by email and will be delivered in 3 to 5 working days from our storehouses.
The beef is delivered refrigerated in polystyrene and cardboard boxes by courier.
Delivery is provided by our partner, the courier company.
The packages will leave our headquarters in Sibiu and heading your way and will arrive within 24 hours.
The products are delivered to your door and the package must be received in person.
In special cases, like holidays, you can send us your online orders earlier, for us to be able to prepare and manage them in good time.
The minimum value of an order is of 1 package.
The pieces in the packages are aged, packed and delivered at an address of your choice.
Each piece is vacuum-packed, placed in a cardboard box, and in order to ensure beef integrity at a 0 – 3 ° C temperature during transportation, the whole package is placed inside a polystyrene box. The special polystyrene box for refrigerated transportation has ice packs both above the meat box, that is, in its lid, and on its bottom. The cardboard box has several slots for cold air ventilation. This guarantees a constant temperature of the beef so that it reaches you in perfect condition.
The polystyrene box is sealed in order not to allow cold air to exit and to maintain a temperature optimal for the meat. On reception, the polystyrene box and the ice packs will be returned to courier.
You will be able to find the delivery notes, invoice and all further information inside the package.
Before the package leaves our headquarters, our sales team will contact you by phone or by email, for you to confirm the delivery. In case there are delays in delivery we will keep you posted promptly by phone or by email.
If you are from Sibiu or are just passing through and wish to pick up the package from our headquarters, you can do so by ticking the “pick up items in person” option from the “My order” section. At the pick-up of your package from our headquarters, payment will only be made in cash or in advance through bank transfer or PayPal. Picking up packages in Sibiu can be done on Wednesdays between 09:00 and 15:00.
For products ordered and undelivered for various reasons (being out of stock, etc.), you will be announced in good time and a different delivery date can be arranged.