Premium Angus
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Karpaten Meat has seen the real potential of the pastureslands in Transylvania, so it has developed an Angus breed cattle farm and is committed to producing quality beef both from an ecological and economic point of view. Company values reflect our agricultural heritage, honesty and integrity, trust and respect. For us, how we work is how we live, in harmony with nature, and connected to the highest possible quality standards. Premium Angus is committed to working together to promote a sustainable future. Our business is built on a respectable foundation for all of our business relationships. We believe in how plants, animals and people grow in a healthy and sustainable environment.


The key to producing quality beef is to have healthy animals that live in nature on healthy pastures. Angus cattle grow on fresh, green grass and clean water from the Transylvanian pastures and are kept outside all year round. This natural growth method, together with the suckling cow’s mother system, represents the largest part of the breeding cycle and is optimal for both animal and environmental health. Cattle are bred without the use of antibiotics, hormones or steroids. In the finishing stage, the cattle have a balanced diet of silo and grass. Through a slow and methodical feeding system, we can maintain a supply of fresh quality beef throughout the year and at the same time we can consistently meet the high standards of our customers. Unmatched taste and freshness of Premium Angus beef is a result of exceptional genetics, meticulous care and proper feeding and finishing, with grass silos and natural feeds, culminating in the maturation process of the beef.