Terms and conditions


The www.premiumangus.ro website is the property of KARPATEN MEAT SIEBENBUERGEN SRL, located in Sibiu, No. 1 Octavian Goga St., Ap. 2, County of Sibiu, registered at the Trade Registry under no. J32/1107/2014, Fiscal Code RO33925682, referred to hereafter in the Terms and conditions section as PREMIUM ANGUS,

The general terms and conditions will apply to all sales of goods and services by PREMIUM ANGUS through its virtual shop www.premiumangus.ro to the Buyer and can be changed at any time by PREMIUM ANGUS.


Buyer – person or legal entity that issues an Order.

Seller – the KARPATEN MEAT SIEBENBUERGEN SRL Limited Liability Company located in Sibiu,   No. 1 Octavian Goga St., Ap. 2, County of Sibiu, registered at the Trade Registry under no. J32/1107/2014, Fiscal Code RO33925682.

Goods and Services – any product or service, including the documents and services mentioned in the Order, that are going to be provided to the Buyer by the Seller.

Order – an electronic document that represents a form of communication between Seller and Buyer through which the Seller agrees to deliver the Goods and Services, and the Buyer agrees to receive these Goods and Services and pay for them.

Contract – an Order issued by the Buyer and confirmed by the Seller.

Intellectual Property Rights (in the following referred to as simply IPR) – all immaterial property rights like know-how, copyright and copyright in kind, database rights, design rights, model release rights, patents, trade marks and registration of domain names for any of the above.

Specifications – all specifications and/or descriptions of Goods and Services as they are mentioned in the Order.

Before completing any transaction, the Customer must take note of and accept the terms and conditions by ticking the “I agree to the Terms and Conditions” checkbox. To use the site in good conditions, the customer must carefully read the “Terms and Conditions” provided.

KARPATEN MEAT SIEBENBUERGEN SRL reserves the right to modify the present contract any time it deems necessary, and the Customer will be announced about these changes when they access the website (see art.3 of the present contract). Continuing to use the website by ordering and purchasing products is considered as an acceptance of its terms regarding the changes made and mentioned in art. 3: Changing the “Terms and Conditions”. All orders made through the www.premiumangus.ro website will be validated depending on available stock. PREMIUM ANGUS reserves the right to limit the quantities ordered by the Customer or to refuse delivery of an order without additional explanation.

Telephone number for customer service: +40 374 941 646

Email address for customer service: info@premiumangus.ro

Retailer Address: Sibiu, No.1A Octavian Goga St.

Timetable: the site is accessible to customers 24/7, except for cases when maintenance operations are being carried out.

The present contract called «Terms and Conditions» describes the general terms of online sales of goods and services between PREMIUM ANGUS and a Customer, as well as their rights and obligations. The contract may be saved and/or printed on paper.


The customer is any person over 18 years old that enjoys all legal rights to validate an order. By selecting the «Order Payment» icon, the Customer confirms and guarantees that they have full legal rights to accept the terms and conditions.

Before placing the first order and customizing their own virtual space, the Customer must choose a user name and password of at least 6 alphanumerical characters that contains at least one digit  – (the uniqueness of the registration will be checked by the system). In case you lose or forget your password, it can be regenerated by accessing the «My account» box and punching in your email address, after which the new password will be sent to you by email. The password is strictly confidential and will be asked for whenever the Customer places an online order, being the only person responsible for its use.

Attention! The password will not be used to make online payments, it will only be used to register the Customer in view of placing online orders.


PREMIUM ANGUS reserves the right to make changes to the «Terms and Conditions» at any time, and the Customer will be making note of these changes as they access the website. By continuing to use the website for ordering and purchasing products, their acceptance to the changes made is presumed. The new conditions will be applied to any order/transaction starting with the day of their change. The Customer is advised that before placing/validating an order, they should consult the «Terms and Conditions» carefully to get familiar with the changes.

Last update of the «Terms and Conditions» document has been on: 30.08.2016.


PREMIUM ANGUS present the products with their detailed description on the website, allowing the Customer to take note of essential information before placing a final/definitive order.

By placing an order, the Customer acknowledges they have taken note of all the data displayed on the website about the ordered products (name, price, ingredients/composition, weight, quantity, special information about a product, various quantity limitations, etc.) and that they accept them unconditionally.

The detailed information chart about the product is not a contractual source, but purely informative. The products are continually changing, since suppliers might change the technical features or product composition without prior notice.


Product promotions and prices displayed by PREMIUM ANGUS are available as long as they are visible on the site against the “Add to basket” button. The mere fact that the products are added to the shopping basket does not mean that the order is automatically validated, since there is the possibility that between the moment you begin placing the order in your shopping basket and validating it the product(s) might become unavailable.

To avoid the above-mentioned situation,  PREMIUM ANGUS will be making all necessary efforts to ensure the availability of the range of products it offers.

PREMIUM ANGUS will be announcing the customer in case the product becomes unavailable for delivery for the replacement of the faulty product and will reimburse the sum paid in maximum 30 days.  PREMIUM ANGUS can deliver a product of an equivalent price and quality to those ordered by the customer only if this possibility has been presented to the customer prior to issuing the order.


The prices of the products presented on the website are expressed in RON and have all taxes included, except transport to the customer’s home. The prices are applicable the moment the order is validated by the customer.

Prices are affected by VAT, and all legal changes that occurred regarding the net sum of this tax, will be reflected in the prices of the products present on the site at the moment the legislation piece comes into effect.

In case the product price or some of its characteristics change, have been mistakenly introduced in the PREMIUM ANGUS databases or have been displayed in a confusing way, with delivery not completed,  PREMIUM ANGUS reserves the right to cancel the respective product and to announce the Customer as fast as possible about the error.

  1. ORDER

7.1 “My account”

To do shopping via www.premiumangus.ro, the Customer must first set up a customer account:

a) either before doing shopping, by accessing the  «Create my account» button

b)or when adding the first product to the shopping basket.

To be able to set up an account, the Customer has to add their email address and a password. These 2 elements are confidential. The Customer will be the only person responsible for the consequences of using their account until account deactivation.

Also, the Customer will be asked for other personal information, such as name, surname, gender, date of birth, telephone number, email, exact and accurate delivery addresses, postal code. The Customer undertakes to provide accurate information and to inform PREMIUM ANGUS about any changes to the submitted information. A summary account of this information will be sent to the Customer for validation via email. This information is necessary to manage orders and business relations between PREMIUM ANGUS and the Customer.

PREMIUM ANGUS cannot be made responsible for inaccurate information submitted that can incur delivery delays or other issues. In this context, all transport charges incurred by re-dispatching the order will be supported by the Customer.

7.1.1. Using the account

The Customer can follow the status of their order on the website by accessing the «My account» rubric. The record of the transactions carried out between PREMIUM ANGUS and the Customer will be available for display at any moment on the website in «My account» rubric, with transaction date records being kept for 6 (six) months.

7.1.2. Deactivating the account

In case of the Customer breaking the «Terms and Conditions», PREMIUM ANGUS reserves the right to deactivate the Customer account, without any compensation or notice, once the Customer has been informed via electronic letter or registered letter. In case of fraud on the part of the Customer, account deactivation will be done with full rights, without notice, without notification, without any other formalities or compensation.

The Customer who wants to deactivate their account will be sending a request concerning this to PREMIUM ANGUS by email at info@premiumangus.ro or by phone at +40 374 941 646. PREMIUM ANGUS undertakes to deactivate the account in maximum 5 working days from receiving the deactivation request.

7.2. Validation of an order by the Customer

In view of placing and registering an order, the Customer needs to follow the instructions posted on the website for this.

Just before validating the order, the Customer will be provided with a summary of the order information (number of items ordered, sum total of the order, type of delivery and the hours chosen, as well as the address selected for home delivery), and the Customer then validates this by simply clicking on the “ACCEPT” button. All unvalidated orders will not be met. The simple fact of adding items to the shopping basket does not mean the order has been validated.

7.3. Confirmation of order registration by PREMIUM ANGUS

PREMIUM ANGUS confirms the registration of the order through an automated email sent to the Customer, in which they will be communicated the following information:

i) the list of items ordered, product prices, type of delivery, home delivery address and hours of delivery chosen;

ii) transport charges

PREMIUM ANGUS can ask for further information about the address and time of order delivery, in case the information provided initially by the Customer are not detailed enough to ensure the delivery. In this case, the order will be validated only when the required information is received. In case the Customer fails to provide the required information, PREMIUM ANGUS reserves the right to cancel the order in question.

Registration of the order does not guarantee the delivery of all items in the placed order. In case some of the products become unavailable on the day of delivery, PREMIUM ANGUS reserves the right to reimburse or replace the unavailable item, after first validating this together with the Customer.

7.4 Delivery charges for online orders

7.4.1 Transport charges for an order

There is no limit to an order. The transport charges are calculated depending on the value of ordered products, as follows:

7.4.2 Charges for the total weight of an order

PREMIUM ANGUS reserves the right to cancel an order in case there are problems with its payment, in case of a dispute with the customer in question, in case there is the risk of more items in the order being out of stock. In this case, PREMIUM ANGUS will inform the Customer about the issue via an email or telephone call.


At no time are the sums received to be considered as account deposits.

8.1. Description of payment methods

8.1.1 Bank card:

PREMIUM ANGUS accepts payment using the following debit or credit bank cards: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Electron.

The sum paid for the validated order will be blocked from the valid card registered at the moment the order in question is validated. The sum effectively paid for the order will only be withdrawn the moment the Customer receives the ordered products and cannot exceed the sum initially blocked at the validation of the order.  The gap between the blocked funds and the effectively paid funds will be released in a maximum of 5 (five) working days from the reception of ordered products (this gap may occur for instance from products of varying weight or due to certain ordered products being out of stock). The term by which the bank issuing the card releases/credits the sum in the customer’s account cannot be estimated or controlled by PREMIUM ANGUS and may differ from bank to bank and from case to case.

8.1.2 Payment order

For the bank transfer payment order, the delivery day of the products is subject to the moment the bank operates the transfer.

The service uses the PayU payment system.

8.2 Lack of payment/Issues with payment

The Customer guarantees PREMIUM ANGUS that the payment method used is valid and is not accessed in a fraudulent manner.

PREMIUM ANGUS reserves the right to cancel any order over which there are suspicions as to the payment method.

PREMIUM ANGUS reserves the right to cancel all orders in case of refusal of payment by the banking institutions.

8.3 Securing of payment methods

All banking transactions on the website will be made in a secure manner. Security regarding online payments is guaranteed for by PayU, PREMIUM ANGUS’s partner, which undertakes to protect all personal data and information connected to the online payment methods.

All information provided in view of making an online payment (card number, password, card expiry date) will not be stored on the PREMIUM ANGUS servers, but will be exclusively dealt with by PayU.

8.4 Purchase receipt and invoice

A purchase receipt will be issued for each order separately and will accompany the delivered products.


9.1 General information

The ordered products will be delivered at the exact address provided by the customer while placing the order. The Customer undertakes to be present for the order delivery at the address mentioned in the order.

The Customer must check the accuracy of the information provided regarding the delivery address before validating the order. (street, number, building/block number, floor, intercom code, postal code). In case there are inaccuracies in providing this information, PREMIUM ANGUS will not be held responsible for the impossibility of delivering the order.

Product delivery is ensured by our partner called “Courier”.

Delivery areas are: Romania

The ordered products are supplied in one delivery, not having the option of dividing the order in several rounds of expedition.

9.2 Delivery terms

Upon delivery, the polycarbonate box and the refrigeration elements that accompanied the delivered goods must be returned to the courier in the condition in which they were received. After receiving the package, the polycarbonate box and cooling battery will be handed over to the courier who delivered the Karpaten Premium Angus brand box containing the ordered beef.

On request from PREMIUM ANGUS or the Courier, the Customer will provide proof of identity, if necessary through one or more cards issued by official authorities, and will communicate the order number assigned by the sales system.

In case the Customer cannot receive the order in person, the order will be left at the delivery address only to a person of age (over 18) and only if this person is able to provide the Courier the order number.

No request for an order delivery will be satisfied unless the Customer meets the conditions above.

In case of delivery to the Customer’s workplace, where the Courier has no access to location, the Customer must make sure they can receive this order.

The Customer will be contacted by phone by the Courier beforehand to get confirmation of their presence at the time and place selected during the validation of the order on the website.

The Customer undertakes to be present at the delivery address indicated at the time selected, otherwise they are going to have to pay for the transport fee of a new delivery. The hours can be subject to change, after selection, only if so agreed with the Courier.

The delivery is considered to have been fulfilled by PREMIUM ANGUS at the moment the products ordered are distributed to the Customer at the address selected at the moment of order validation.

9.3 Product reception

The customer undertakes to sign the delivery note (AWB) presented by the Courier at the delivery of ordered products, to which the fiscal receipt containing all information on delivered products (product name, quantity, price) is attached.

The (visual) checking of the products will be done quickly before the courier. By signing the delivery note the Customer acknowledges receiving all the products on the receipt in good conditions.

In case of an incident following the delivery, the Customer is responsible for contacting CUSTOMER SERVICE, no later than one working day from product delivery, and for filing a complaint about the problems encountered (later than this any complaint regarding the delivered ordered cannot be taken into consideration).

PREMIUM ANGUS undertakes to answer all requests and complaints in no more than 5 working days from receiving them.

9.4. Delivery delays

Delivery date and hours for order delivery will be chosen when the order is validated by the Customer, depending on availability.

PREMIUM ANGUS undertakes to respect these dates and hours of online orders delivery. In case these dates and hours will not be respected, the Customer will be immediately informed through all means provided by them, that is, by email or text message.

In case the delivery of the products ordered is delayed, PREMIUM ANGUS advises the Customer to announce this delay by contacting Customer Service in order to find the best solution to sort out the product delivery.

For delays on delivery of more than three working days from the date set when validating the delivery, except for force majeure or technical malfunctions of the webpage that did not allow for the visualization of the order, the Customer is entitled to ask for the cancelling of the order through an electronic letter sent to info@premiumangus.ro or at the telephone number of the Customer Service Department.


On receiving the merchandise, the customer is encouraged to make sure that the delivered products meet their expectations in terms of both quality and quantity. If this is not the case, the Customer can contact Customer Service within 48 hours to fix the issue as quickly as possible.

10.1 Rights and terms of return of online purchased products

The products must have the original packaging intact and are subject to the following rules:

fresh food products whose expiry date is 24h can be returned on the same day;

food products whose expiry date is over 2 days can be returned within 48h.

Return of the food products will only be done in person at the PREMIUM ANGUS address and only accompanied by their receipt. PREMIUM ANGUS recommends a Customer who wishes to exercise their right of return to inform Customer Service, and they will be allotted a return number.

Returning the cost of the product will be made at the price displayed on the receipt accompanying the returned product and will be made on the spot, at the headquarter address, or online, within 14 days from the moment PREMIUM ANGUS has been informed by the Customer of their return intention.

The return procedure to follow is as follows:

The request for a return is made through the Customer Service office at phone no. +40 374 941 646or a written email at info@premiumangus.ro, after which you will receive a return number. The returning of the product is made directly at the headquarter address, where you will have to present the return number issued by the Customer Service Department.

You can request for a return of the product you purchased in the following situations:

Product that does not conform to specifications on website

The information presented on the website is informative and may be subject to change by PREMIUM ANGUS without prior notice. Also, from considerations of space and structuring the information coherently, product descriptions may be incomplete but PREMIUM ANGUS is making efforts to present the most relevant information for the product to be used within the parameters for which it has been purchased. If the ordered product proves not to conform to specifications in our offer, you can request its return for exchange or whole reimbursement of its cost. If you agree to exchanging it with a product of a lower value, you will receive a partial reimbursement up to the cost of the replacement product. The return and transport expenses for the replacement product, if this is the case, will be supported by PREMIUM ANGUS.

Packages that display damage

You can claim this and request the return of the product in view of its replacement with a new one.

Products wrongly delivered

If you have been delivered a different product than the one ordered please let us know about this as soon as possible in order to return the product and have it replaced with the right one. All charges of return and transport of the right product will be supported by PREMIUM ANGUS.


In all above-mentioned cases, the products must be returned in the same state they were received, in the original packaging and accompanied by all accessories and original documents. Damaging the products or rendering them unmarketable will result in the return being refused.  


For any information or complaint addressed to the Customer Service Department of the virtual shop www.premiumangus.ro, Customers have the following options:

-by phone at number: +40 374 941 646 available 24/7.

Calls that make reference to an existing order (information concerning the delivery of an order,  confirmation of payment, changing delivery hours, etc.) will be managed according to the following timetable: Monday-Friday 09 t 16:00.

-by email: info@premiumangus.ro

or at the address: no.1 Octavian Goga St.

For customers outside Romania, you can call Monday-Friday 09:00-16:00 at phone number +40 374 941 646 (call chargeable depending on own telephone network).


By filling in information on setting up an initial account, users agree that the personal data they provide will be collected by PREMIUM ANGUS in a database, and managed by PREMIUM ANGUS (or by third-party companies so mandated by PREMIUM ANGUS) in view of organising marketing activities/sending advertising/promotional materials, in strict accordance with legal provisions regarding personal data protection and free movement of these data.

PREMIUM ANGUS will keep this information confidential and undertakes not to disclose it to third parties unless there is an explicit agreement from users or in situations this communication would be needed strictly for awarding prizes or other such facilities, obtained through participation in various promotional games and contests, or other promotional campaigns organised by PREMIUM ANGUS, as well as situations in which, by law, it is obliged to disclose this information.

Companies mandated by PREMIUM ANGUS for data processing are not considered third parties, the processing being undertaken by them on behalf and for PREMIUM ANGUS.

According to law no. 677/2001 – concerning personal data protection and their free movement, each user has the right of free access (but not more than once a year) to their personal data, through written request, dated and signed, addressed at email:  info@premiumangus.ro or at the address:  no.1 Octavian Goga St. Also, each user enjoys the right of intervention over one’s own personal data, being able to require the correction, update, blocking or deletion of incomplete or inaccurate data. Under the above-mentioned conditions users can also require the conversion of their data into anonymous data whose processing is not compatible with applicable law, being able to oppose at any time, out of grounded and legitimate reasons concerning a particular situation, that the data involving them should be the object of processing, except cases when there are legal dispositions to the contrary. Also, users have the right to oppose at any time, for free and without any justification needed, that data concerning them should be processed for direct marketing purposes, or for them to be revealed to third parties to such an end.

Any person has the right to require and obtain the withdrawal or cancelling of any decision that produces legal effects regarding them, adopted exclusively on the basis of automated personal data processing, meant to assess some aspects of their personality, as well as their professional competence, credibility, behaviour or other such aspects, as well as to obtain a re-assessment of any decision made that concerns them, that significantly affects them if the decision was adopted exclusively based on data meeting the conditions laid down in the previous paragraph. Moreover, users have the right to go to court.

PREMIUM ANGUS does not undertake any responsibility for situations when users publish any kind of personal data, from their own initiative, in a public message, on any of the website pages or on one of the websites that can be accessed through our website.


PREMIUM ANGUS reserves the right to cancel/delete at any time, without any obligation of prior notification, any account and/or to limit the access of any user/visitor to their account and/or to the website (for example, without the following enumeration to have a limiting nature, in case it finds the users/visitors have broken the terms and conditions of the website, in case there are technical or security issues.)

PREMIUM ANGUS can also restrict the right of visitors or users of the website if the content displayed is illegal, defamatory, offensive, threatening, abusive, vulgar, obscene, affects the privacy of another person, incites to racial, ethnic hatred or is offensive or limiting in another offensive way, or is intimidating.


PREMIUM ANGUS can run advertising campaigns and/or promotions in any section of the website at any moment. The campaigns and promotions run by PREMIUM ANGUS do not require the agreement of the website visitors or users. Change of any kind of any elements included in advertising and/or promotional campaigns do not need the agreement of visitors/users under any circumstance, and may be made by PREMIUM ANGUS without any prior notification. Any contractual relationship developed by visitors/customers with third-party companies following the accessing of the website or through the website (including, but without the following enumeration to be limiting: payments or goods and services delivery, etc.) are the exclusive responsibility of website visitors/users and of this type of third parties. PREMIUM ANGUS is not responsible for any loss, of any nature, and for any damage, of any kind, resulted from such relationships or resulted from the presence of such third-party companies within advertising campaigns run on our website.

PREMIUM ANGUS reserves the right to change the content and conditions of the www.premiumangus.ro website use.


Any reproduction, download, copy, editing, use to commercial ends, complete or in part of the different elements of our website (including the editorial content and photographs) are forbidden and expose the author/authors to possible court suing.

The website can contain links of other collaborators that represent links to other external websites.  PREMIUM ANGUS is not responsible for the content and functioning of those external websites to which the Customer has access via the online shopping website www.premiumangus.ro.

All force majeure events defined by the Romanian legislation represent a ground for the suspension and extinguishing of PREMIUM ANGUS obligations. PREMIUM ANGUS cannot be held responsible for force majeure events.

The terms and conditions of sales are subject to Romanian legislation. In case of disputes, the Customer will be able to file complaints with the Customer Service Department in order to reach an amicable settlement between parties. In case an amicable settlement between parties cannot be reached, the dispute will be settled by the courts having jurisdiction over the corporate seat of the seller.

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