From Karpaten Meat farm – Sibiu

With a passion for agriculture and livestock farming, which comes from the tradition and Swiss expertise, Karpaten Meat Farm holds all the premises of premium beef production.

Premium Angus

Premium Angus Beef

Premium Angus is a beef obtained from cattle with top genetics and bred in a natural way. Top quality is given by tenderness, flavor, marbling and aging process.

Packaging and delivery

Delivery at optimum temperature

The beef will be delivered fresh, packed in vacuum. Throughout the transport, the temperature of the meat will be optimal and constant as in a refrigerator, so the package will arrive in perfect condition.

Order and payment

Order easily wherever you are

Since beef is produced in Romania, we want all consumers to be able to order a simple and fast a beef of high quality, which has so far been imported only.

How to cook

Cook well and right

To make sure you will get top quality also after the beef has been cooked, we have prepared for you information on preparing and cooking the beef, cooking secrets collected by professionals from around the world.

Cooking methods

Deliciously for you on the plate

Starting from superior cattle genetics, through natural growth, slaughter and processing at European standards, through professional beef-aging and proper cooking, you can have an exceptional delicious dish in your plates.



Premium Angus beef comes from young Angus cattle aged 17-24 months and is sold fresh. The cattle are transported directly from farm to slaughterhouse, from where the carcasses are sent to the processing unit, where they are cut following specifications. The entire process of beef production is fully controlled through certification systems. Our beef represents the highest standard of Angus quality.

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 Cattle are free on a pasture and
their main feed is grass


Bovinele Angus din Transilvania


GRAINFED: Cattle raised in stables, foraged with cereal, soy, premix etc.

GRASSFED: Cattle raised free-range on grasslands, mainly grass-fed

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The endless grasslands and pastures in Transylvania are ideal for the natural growth of cattle.


Beef with unique flavour and texture.


The seemingly endless pastures and grasslands of Transylvania are ideal for the natural rearing of beef cattle. In a land blessed with fields yielding good, natural crops and a moderate continental climate, Transylvanian cattle can grow free in the great outdoors.

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What consumers demand of beef producers is transparency, quality and consistency in production – a wish that we support and respect by applying our “Quality Guaranteed by Angus Group” trade mark programme, which is active internationally. Angus Group Quality Guaranteed is a trade mark programme based on the quality assurance system of the entire Angus beef production process, from raising and fattening to slaughtering, processing and sales.

An important quality is traceability Premium Angus Beef


Quality management, Swiss guarantee


Being part of the Swiss meat quality assurance management makes sure that the animals are raised following environment and animal protection norms. These management rules are applied and closely respected in the rearing of the cattle this beef comes from.

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A really tender, juicy and perfect steak


Ageing – the secret of refined meat


Beef quality does not rely solely on breed quality. For a steak to be truly tender, juicy, exquisite, the meat has to undergo a process of maturation or ageing, which plays a significant role in improving meat characteristics.

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The Angus beef offers an unmistakeable taste no matter how you cook it. The flavour and tenderness of beef cuts starts with a special preparation method. When you cook beef, first it forms an outer crust, then, after fire intensity goes down, it cooks on the inside, without its edges to brown too much. The outer crust makes sure the juices stay inside. First the outer moisture goes down, then the juices inside and the fat lines give it extra tenderness and savour. Beef can also be braised, resulting in increased juiciness. This cooking method is also particularly appropriate for some pieces of beef round cuts. see more >


Savurează o dată la 2 săptămâni un conținut consistent și aromat, cu informații fragede despre carnea de vită Angus.