Beef consumption is widespread in Europe, both for its flavor and for its nutritional properties. That’s why we can enjoy it when we choose a quality beef produced from naturally-grown cattle breeds.


We want all consumers to have the opportunity to order simply and fast a high quality beef, which until now could be imported only with additional costs, high transport time and sometimes even doubtful quality.



This is why the Premium Angus Online Store and the packs that are on it are born. Prepared for beef lovers but also for those who have not yet experienced the preparation of this type of beef, each pack contains a different mix of pieces.



Composition of the packs

Each pack contains pieces designed for a particular cooking mode: roasting, grilling, baking, boiling, etc. These are selected depending on the beef type, the beef texture or the dishes that can be obtained from the parts included.

Because many times beef is seen as though, stringy or flavourless, we want those who taste Angus beef to discover a tasty alternative that offers varied cooking possibilities. By consulting the cooking recommendations included in the package, you will get the true taste and flavour of the ordered parts.



Names of the packs

Premium Pack includes the right pieces for the famous steaks, which are distinguished by juiciness, a high degree of marbling, a special flavour.

Family Pack includes pieces that can be roasted or boiled. They are suitable for family or traditional dishes. With a low fat content, Family Pack can be cooked for the whole family, including children.

Gourmet Pack – created at the customer’s request, includes the most popular pieces. Also, in order for the included pieces to be ready immediately after delivery, the pack amounts to 3 KG, being smaller than the others in the store.



Presentation of the packs

The description of each pack on the website specifies how each piece is portioned. Whole piece or slices, the beef is cut depending on weight and cooking mode. For example, the steaks will be sliced, just to be ready for the grill, and the knuckle or the topside will be delivered as cuts to prepare them in the oven according to the clients’ preferences.



90% of the parts are chilled, but for better preservation and to meet the technical requirements for preserving the beef, we have to freeze some pieces, such as osso bucco or burger.



Choose your favourite pack from the online store, depending on your favourite cooking methods. Then, why not, try other pieces, be creative in the kitchen and help promote informed and responsible consumption that uses the whole carcass not just certain pieces.