Angus beef or common beef? What are the differences between them?

We talk about cooked food at home or in the restaurant, we refer to the famous steaks or to traditional beef dishes, we often notice major differences between similar dishes or even identical recipes. What makes the difference, often more than the skill of the chef, is the quality of the products used, and the quality of the beef consists of tenderness, aroma and, last but not least, traceability.



  1. Tenderness and aroma

Black Angus beef is considered as the ideal choice for a successful, tasty and healthy steak, thanks to the tenderness of its flesh and its strong flavour.


Unlike popular beef in Romania, which is slightly marbled, the Angus meat is rich in fat, which gives it cravings after cooking, unlike the hardness known to most people. Also, another major benefit due to beef fat is the aromatic, complex flavour that does not need to be enriched by other spices, except salt and pepper.



  1. Traceability

More and more people want to know where the beef comes from or where the products of animal origin come from, where and how the animals were raised, and what they were fed with. All these aspects relate to the traceability of the finished product.


The first factor that ensures a superior quality product that is both healthy, tasty and easy to cook is the animal breed. In our case, the Angus breed is a breed of cattle raised especially for beef, fed with grass on the pasture, and all care actions aim this very purpose.


On the other hand, common cattle, even though they can indeed guarantee more affordable costs for obtaining the finished products, do not guarantee a high-quality beef. If animals are bred in the country, it does not necessarily mean that their nutrition is optimal for obtaining the finished product, and this can’t be known by consumers because this type of animal breeding does not allow complete traceability.


If you want fresh beef, it’s a good idea to turn your attention towards verifiable products with transparent details of production. All of these qualities can be found in Angus beef, locally and naturally produced in the Karpaten Meat Group farms.