For the preparation of any recipe and for the type of ingredient, there are a few factors that influence the success in the preparation of the menu. First and foremost, for our diet, regardless of age and health, we must focus on the quality of the purchased products, and this can be verified by requesting information from the manufacturers that offer traceability to the products they place on the market.


Once we make sure that the ingredients meet the main criteria, we need to know how they can be used. This is exactly the case with Angus beef. Below are the types of bee dishes you can get from Premium Angus beef and which beef cuts are suitable for them.



To get a delicious beef steak, it is absolutely necessary to know the beef cuts that are suitable for this type of cooking and some features of this range of beef, which we will use as criteria of evaluation so that we make sure that we choose the best option.

The recommended cuts for the grill/pan are the marbled ones, with a generous intramuscular fat content and tenderness: rib-eye, bone-in-rib-eye, t-bone, rump, tenderloin, skirt, shoulder clod and chuck.


The first step to making a perfect steak is, therefore, choosing the right range of Black Angus beef. If you want a tender steak, you have to observe a few minimum cooking principles that you can find in the recommendations of each beef cut.


Roast beef, stews and other beef dishes cooked through slow-cooking or oven roasting:

From flavorful roast beef to a true caramel taste it is just one step. Slow-cooking in the oven enriches the aroma and appetizing taste of Angus beef.


Whether you are preparing a romantic dinner or an occasional meal for friends and family, steaks are always the right choice, especially when it comes to high- quality beef. The oven roasting offers a special aroma through the use of spices – being cooked very quickly and without stress.


As there are beef cuts that are ideal for steak, there are also perfect ranges for sauces. For this type of preparation, it is recommended to choose low-fat beef cuts, pieces that are not so marbled, but which become extremely tasty and aromatic when cooked slowly, over the fire, in the oven or in the slow-cooker. Such beef cuts are topside, silverside, knuckle, eye of round, osso bucco, skirt, shoulder clod and chuck.




Another dish that everybody knowns is beef soup. However, many are reluctant to cook it because of the preconception that all beef is tough and difficult to cook. Using the right main ingredient – high-quality beef-, this can be a real feast for the whole family and a dish with many benefits for all family’s health.

The recommended beef for soup may be a cut containing bone or cuts lower in fat, in which case the fat content of the soup is supplemented with other types of fat. Of course, for beef soup lovers, a good option for the soup is the ground beef.

Beef cuts for soup: topside, knuckle, silverside, eye of round, osso bucco, ground beef.



A dish that does not need presentation, all you need for a good burger is some beef that respects the lean meat-fat ratio and is perfectly flavoured.

Recommended beef: burger.