FROZEN PACK - Karpaten Premium Angus



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For those party starters who know too well that nothing brings people together like a barbeque amongst friends, Premium Angus prepared PARTY PACK. This contains 20 Angus beef burgers that come already seasoned (with salt and pepper) and after defrosting can take over the grill.

Osso bucco
Chuck (sliced in half)
Chuck tenderloin
Trimings (CVL)


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FROZEN PACK is the right package for when you want easily prepare something amazing. While the meat is already frozen at the time of delivery, you can plan the menu for a longer period without worrying about it. Choose the right piece for your desired recipe and leave the rest for other tasty, healthy meals. It will help you when you no longer know what to cook, to be appropriate for the whole family.


All the meat is frozen. The weight for each pack is approximate and may vary by +/- 5%, but on the whole the package will have a minimum weight of 4 kg. Packages will be delivered in cardboard boxes, and freezing temperature during transport will be ensured by returnable cool boxes.


Additional Information

Weight: 4 kg

Dimensions: 26x16x31 cm

Transport temperature: for a period of 36 hours between -2 and +3 ° C

Storage temperature: 2-4 ° C

Shelf life: Frozen products should be eaten before six months of storage in the freezer.

Package value: transport and VTA included