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BARBEQUE PACK brings to the Angus beef enthusiasts three new beef cuts, different in texture and in carcass origin and can be cooked in various ways. These cuts have the premium qualities of Angus beef, being flavorful and easy to cook; in addition, they bring diversity in the preparation methods. Each of them is recommended for barbecue in addition to the classic oven-roasting or grilling.


Spare ribs
* For orders with delivery in Sibiu you have a 10% discount on the total order.
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Package description

Premium Angus beef is naturally produced on Transylvanian pastures and awarded a world silver medal. Barbecue pack contains 3 pieces with different textures ideal for beef steak connoisseurs.

As part of the roastbeef, the sirloin is found in the lumbar area of the spine and makes its way to the round; rich in intramuscular fat insertions, like ribeye, it is very suited for grilling.

Picanha is the upper muscular layer of the rump area, just below the skin; with few intramuscular fat insertions, but with a fine texture, picanha is less used during the movement of the animal, so it remains very tender; it is covered on the outside with a generous layer of fat, which must not be removed during cooking. It can be grilled,  sliced along the fibre.

After cutting-off the bones-in-ribeye from the roastbeef, the long beef ribs that form the walls of the thoracic cavity remain; due to the rich-fat layer on the intercostal muscles, the grilled beef ribs are a real delicacy.



These cuts can be seared on the grill or in a frying pan until they become crusty, then they are finished at a more moderate temperature in the oven or on the grill, with indirect heat.

All beef cuts are aged in a dry-age system for 21 days and individually vacuum-packed. The weight for each piece is approximate and can vary by +/- 5% but in total, the package will weigh at least 5 kg. The packages will be delivered in cardboard boxes and the refrigeration temperature during transport will be ensured by returnable refrigerated boxes.

For more details on cooking Angus beef, visit our blog


Additional Information

Weight: 5 kg
Dimensions: 26x16x31 cm
Transport temperature: for a period of 36 hours between -2°C and +3°C
Storage temperature: between -18°C and -10°C
Delivery condition: all cuts are frozen
Shelf life: 1 year after packing
Package value: the price includes transport and VAT


  • • Orders placed online will be shipped within 3 to 5 working days
  • • Packages will arrive to you within 24-36 hours from the time of dispatch from our headquarters.
    • Deliveries are made only in Romania, anywhere in the country, except for Sibiu city where you may pick your order and receive a 10% discount
    • Regardless of the day you place your order online, the courier will pick up the beef packages from the farm only on Mondays and Wednesdays of each
    week, according to the table below:


shipping day

  • Monday,
  • Tuesday, Wednesday before 09.00 a.m


  • Wednesday
  • after 09.00 a.m., Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday




Find out all about Premium Angus packages, how you can have a healthy menu on our blog.

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