For us quality matters

Successful business implies high-quality products. This principle underpins our products, services and decisions. Our interest is that together with our partners we contribute to the creation of gastronomic culture in Romania, regarding beef consumption.

Our mission does not stop at being a supplier. We promote the responsibility for healthy eating and respect for nature and resources. In order to develop quality culinary habits among consumers, our attention is directed to partners from all over the country, next to whom we offer customers access to superior, local products, 100% natural, with traceability.

We want every restaurant to benefit from the valuable Premium Angus beef, to have the opportunity to offer customers exceptional preparations, based on a healthy, tasty and reliable raw material. Also, for beef lovers to have the opportunity to consume a premium product, locally and internationally recognized for its qualities.


Success comes from engagement! We constantly support our partners and engage in joint development!