Premium Pack

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The Angus Premium Pack is designed for special occasions, if you have friends visiting, are planning a party or simply want the best beef on the table.


Bone-in-Rib-Eye (SLICED)
* For orders with delivery in Sibiu you have a 10% discount on the total order.
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Package description

The cuts in this package come from the upper quarter and the cut from the 5th rib to the round, cuts from which the famous Angus beef steaks are obtained.

The T-bone consists of tenderloin and sirloin, separated by a T-shaped bone, offering an optimal tenderness and a complete flavour due to the two types of cuts contained. It has a high degree of marbling, tenderness and taste.

The Bone-in ribeye, one of the tastiest cuts in the whole carcass, comes from the front of the spine, with a high degree of marbling and a generous layer of fat. The cut with bone offers a different flavour, but as tasty as the boneless version, with small differences in tenderness.

The tenderloin is the most tender cut in the whole carcass, fat-free, yet juicy, with a fine, buttery texture. The tenderness of this cut is due to the fact that the muscle is very little exercised during the movements of the alive animal. It is a long, narrow and weak muscle and is found in the area of the spine, positioned under the sirloin. Due to its anatomical location and high tenderness, it received the English name “Tender” Loin.

Considered a bridge between the sirloin and the round, the rump steak has the highest degree of tenderness and marbling in the round, with a significant layer of fat at the top. It is a cut whose muscles are not so much in motion, hence the high level of tenderness.


With distinct flavours, but all tender and tasty, the cuts in the Premium Pack are suitable for grilling or frying, but can also be prepared as baked steaks.

All pieces are aged in a dry-age system for 21 days and individually packed in vacuum packs. The weights for each piece are approximate and can vary by +/- 5%, but in total, the package will weigh at least 5 kg. The packages will be delivered in cardboard boxes and the refrigeration temperature during transport will be ensured by returnable refrigerated boxes.


Additional Information

Weight: 5 kg
Dimensions: 26x16x31 cm
Transport temperature: for a period of 36 hours between -2°C and +3°C
Storage temperature: 2°C-4°C
Delivery status: the parts are refrigerated
Shelf life: 12 days after packing


  • • Orders placed online will be shipped within 3 to 5 working days
  • • Packages will arrive to you within 24-36 hours from the time of dispatch from our headquarters.
    • Deliveries are made only in Romania, anywhere in the country, except for Sibiu city where you may pick your order and receive a 10% discount
    • Regardless of the day you place your order online, the courier will pick up the beef packages from the farm only on Mondays and Wednesdays of each
    week, according to the table below:


shipping day

  • Monday,
  • Tuesday, Wednesday before 09.00 a.m


  • Wednesday
  • after 09.00 a.m., Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday




Find out all about Premium Angus packages, how you can have a healthy menu on our blog.

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