OFYR Corten 100 grill with wood-fired cooking grate

Call your friends in the garden or on the patio, fire up the OFYR grill and hearth and prepare an unforgettable meal! This wood-fired grill is not just a painted steel decoration object, but a real device for cooking delicious food outdoors!

Package description

The purest expression of the OFYR wood-fired grill with cooking hob. Designed to match any decor, the OFYR Classic is a Corten steel decor object even when not in use. Light it up and turn every outdoor event into a special occasion, cooking your favorite dishes with friends and family. The OFYR Classic is now also available in black, constructed with a heat-resistant matte finish. Available in 85 cm and 100 cm sizes.



Product details

Grill diameter: 100 cm
Base material: Corten steel
Cone material: Corten steel
Material hob: Black Steel
Product type: Cooking Stove
Cooking size: 5500 cm2
Quantity/Package: Individual
Fuel: wood
Height: 103 cm
Length: 100 cm
Depth: 100 cm
Diameter of the stove: 100 cm
Hole diameter of the hob: 50 cm
Width of the griddle: 24 cm
Thickness of the griddle: 1,2cm
Base dimensions: 50x50x73 cm
Wood storage space: No
Weight: 101 Kg
Stove weight: 56 Kg
Colour: Rusty (Corten steel look)
Fuel: Wood

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