Follow these five simple steps for success:


1. Prepare the grill so it is hot. Grill the beef to enhance the flavour.

2. Gently flip the beef over with a pair of tongs; do not pierce or stab with a fork.

3. Ensure there is enough juiciness by flipping the beef over only once, if the meat is cut in thin slices. If you are roasting a thicker piece of beef (more than 3cm thick) it is recommended to flip it over often, in order to keep a balance between the heat received on the sides, its thickness or the consistency of the crust, as well as the state of the beef at the centre (rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, well done)

4. Assess the degree of grilling with an instant thermometer especially designed for steaks.

5. Let the steak sit and rest for a couple of minutes before serving.

The best piece:

Tri-Tip Roast  – This classic cut of loin is lean, tender and full of flavour.

Tenderloin Roast – This lean cut is known for its tender texture and mild flavour.

T-Bone –  This piece is made up of two types of beef: on one side of the T-bone is the strip, and on the other side the ribeye.

Ribeye  – well marbled, this delicious steak offers full flavour and juiciness

Burger – Juicy and savoury