Why choose Angus beef?


Premium Angus beef is the result of exceptional genetics, proper care and feeding with natural feed, culminating in its ageing process. The production system is a natural one, completely controlled, which ensures and guarantees a fresh meat with a high degree of marbling, tenderness and a special taste.

The superior quality of the local Premium Angus product has been proven repeatedly, the last certification being in the World Steak Challenge, where it was awarded two medals.

The whole production system of Angus beef from Transylvania – from grass to beef – starts from the Karpaten Meat farm in Sibiu, from the Aberdeen Angus genetics to the strict selection of the best Angus cattle. The process continues with the natural breeding of cattle, the correct management of the farm and a natural forage on pasture.

Complete traceability and long experience in this field guarantee a specialized selection, slaughter, cutting and processing, which is carried out to the highest European standards and is optimal for both animal and environmental health.

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Local Product

recognized worldwide


From Karpaten Meat farm – Sibiu

With a passion for agriculture and livestock farming, which comes from the tradition and Swiss expertise, Karpaten Meat Farm holds all the premises of premium beef production. read more >


Premium Angus Beef

Premium Angus is a beef obtained from cattle with top genetics and bred in a natural way. Top quality is given by tenderness, flavor, marbling and aging process. read more >


Delivery at optimum temperature

The beef will be delivered Monday and Wednesday, fresh or frozen, packed in vacuum. Throughout the transport, the temperature of the meat will be optimal and constant as in a refrigerator, so the package will arrive in perfect condition.  read more >


Order easily wherever you are

Since beef is produced in Romania, we want all consumers to be able to order a simple and fast a beef of high quality, which has so far been imported only. read more >


Cook well and right

To make sure you will get top quality also after the beef has been cooked, we have prepared for you information on preparing and cooking the beef, cooking secrets collected by professionals from around the world.  read more >


Deliciously for you on the plate

Starting from superior cattle genetics, through natural growth, slaughter and processing at European standards, through professional beef-aging and proper cooking, you can have an exceptional delicious dish in your plates. read more >

The best quality of

Angus beef

Premium Angus comes from Angus heifers of 17-24 months and is sold fresh / frozen. The meat / fat ratio is balanced to have a consistently superior quality. The cattle are transported directly from the farm to the slaughterhouse, from where the carcasses are directed to the processor, and they are to be cut according to specifications.


The cuts in this package come from the roastbeef from which you can obtain the famous Angus beef steaks and can be grilled, barbeque or pan fried.

Family pack

The cuts in this package come from the beef round and are recommended for schnitzel, goulash, steaks, soup or various baked goods.

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