A marinade is a mixture of ingredients meant to give additional flavour to the beef. If some acid or enzymatic marinades can make beef more tender, the main role of a marinade is to enrich the flavours of the beef dishes. In order to obtain a tender piece of beef, you have to choose the right cooking method for your beef cut and to cook it according to the cooking recommendations.




Wet marinades use combinations of liquid and dry ingredients to create flavour infusions. Dry marinades are made out of dry herbs and spices. The moisture from the beef absorbs the essential oils from the dry ingredients, giving them a wonderful aroma. Marinade pastes consist of herbs, spices and a little liquid. Oil, ginger and garlic are often added to bind ingredients.




Throw away any marinade – liquid, dry or paste that has come in contact with raw beef. Keep any unused dry mixture in a sealed container. Refrigerate the unused liquid marinades in a closed container for a maximum of 1-2 days. Marinade pastes covered with plastic wrap can also be stored in the refrigerator for 1-2 days.




How much marinade?

Use half a cup of marinade to flavour about 500g of beef. Avoid sugary ingredients – the sugar will burn before browning the beef. Do not add too much-salted ingredients such as soy sauce – they extract the natural juices from the beef, drying it.



How long to marinate beef?

Put the beef in the prepared marinade and let it absorb the aromas. Always cover and refrigerate marinated beef, unless you intend to cook it in the next 20 minutes after preparation.

Large pieces of beef (for instance those for oven roasts) need marinating during 12-24 hours. Kabob beef cubes need maximum 2-3 hours of marinating.



How to cook marinated beef?

Remove the beef from the marinade and dab it with a paper towel. Cook it using the cooking method you have planned.

Do not spill marinade over the beef while cooking, as it will spoil the taste of the beef and affect the way it is cooked.

To keep the beef moist (if needed), spread a little marinade over the beef while cooking, except for the last minutes of preparation.




Marinades are quickly and easily to make, especially if you opt for simple flavour combinations. Experience these combinations:

Fresh spices, such as thyme and rosemary with olive oil.

A mix of Worcestershire sauce and tomatoes sauce.

Soy sauce, a little honey and orange juice

Tomato sauce, a little red wine vinegar and Dijon mustard

Olive oil, a little lemon juice and oregano and / or dried rosemary