Marinated sauces aim to make the beef smoother and more flavoured. The various sweet, salty and sour sauces combine with the flavour of the beef during the marinating and when it comes to preparing the steak, it will be seasoned and juicy.



Here’s how to get a successful steak marinade:



Choose the desired beef piece

Parts with low percentage of fat or with stronger fibres. The pieces contained in the Family Pack are suitable – topside, knuckle, eye of round, silverside, osso bucco, skirt steak, chuck, ribs. It is not recommended to marinate steaks, they are already perfect for cooking and the flavours of these pieces do not deserve to be eclipsed.




Make several cuts in the meat, about halfway through the thickness, so that sauces reach the depths

Marinating works because of the action of acid in the sauce that breaks the fibres and ligating tissues. This is a lengthy process and if the beef piece is thick, either the interior will not be as well marinated, or outside the meat will not retain its qualities. The higher the beef area exposed to the sauce, the better the results.



Create sauce

A classic marinade sauce contains an acid (which will break the fibres), oil and spices (herbs, sweeteners, salt …). It can be sweet or salty, sourish-sweet, with barbecue flavour, Italian sauce, according to taste and preferences. As acid in this mix you can use: wine, vinegar or lemon juice, but do not overdo it; they will break muscle fibres and protein bonds, but using a very acidic sauce for more than 2 hours the marinade can have exactly the opposite effect, strengthening tissues and removing the proper juices out of the meat. You should take care with ginger, kiwi, papaya and pineapple, as they contain as well enzymes that can strengthen the meat fibres if they are used in too large quantities. Products like Greek yoghurt, sour milk or whey can also be used in successful meat marinades.



Place the beef in a bowl and add the sauce on top

Any type of vessel – ceramic or glass, plastic, wood or metal can be used. Pour enough marinade sauce until the beef is completely covered. For marinating slices or flat pieces, it’s very efficient to use zipper bags and you will need less sauce, since it will make it easier to cover the meat. If you want to shorten the marinating time, you can do this by rubbing the meat with sauce. Otherwise, marinating will take place on its own.



Leave the beef in the fridge

Place the covered vessel or the closed bag in the refrigerator between 2 and 24 hours, depending on the sauce you use.



Cook the steak

Remove the excess meat sauce and let it reach room temperature. Then cook it according to your taste.