Beef, an excellent source of protein:

A balanced diet is the key to health, which means that both lack and excess of animal protein affect the proper functioning of the human body. The required intake of animal protein differs depending on the age of the person, but also on the physical activity that the person normally carries out.


Proteins are nutrients necessary for the human body for growth and maintenance of vital functions. They are made up of amino acids, the basic chemical components of life, and beef is a complete protein source because it naturally contains all the nine amino acids essential to the body, just like any meat protein.


How often can we consume beef?

An adult can consume beef on average once or twice a week, while the need for a child is much increased, because the child is growing and developing. Nutritionists recommend for children 3 servings a day of animal products, including meat, but warn that the menu should be diversified with dairy products, cereals, fruits and vegetables, since too much protein consumption is not indicated, excess can be harmful to the body as well.


Choose quality, not quantity!

For this reason, we must focus on the quality of the proteins consumed, not their quantity. A higher quality beef, in smaller quantity, will be much more beneficial than the multitude of products from the market, with doubtful provenance, processed with additional preservatives and dyes, substances so harmful to health.


Premium Angus beef contains a rich package of nutrients: protein, which contributes substantially to muscle maintenance, body weight management and prevention of corneal disease, but also vitamins (B6, B12) and minerals (F, Zn) needed to develop and maintain cognitive capacities, both for children and adults. It complements well with a garnish of vegetables and salads to provide a complex nutritional package.


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