300 g Angus tenderloin
2 pears
2 leeks
3 tablespoons olive oil

50 g butter
2-3 sprigs thyme
salt and pepper


Preparation mode tenderloin with leek:
Peel the pears, notch the bottom, oil them and sprinkle them with sugar, salt and pepper. Put them in an oven tray and roast them for 15 minutes over a high heat. Wash the leek, slice it and sear it on a high fire until slightly browned. then, sprinkle it with salt and pepper, remove it from the fire and keep it in a warm place on a plate, covered with a lid.


Cut the tenderloin in two thick slices, season with pepper and sear it on preheated the grill or in a Teflon pan greased with a little butter. Sear the beef twice each side, then remove it from the fire and put it on a plate and season it with a butter cube and a thyme sprig. Cover the plate for a few minutes. On the warm plates put the browned leek, the beef slices and the baked pears. Season everything with a fresh thyme sprig and freshly ground pepper.


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➤ Enjoy your meal!