Premium Angus is the online shop that delivers natural Angus beef, straight to you. You can order the local beef, produced in Sibiu, either in standard packages, or create your own selection of cuts. The selected Black Angus products come directly from the Karpaten Meat Group farm, reaching you in the shortest possible time. This way you can enjoy a tasty and healthy ingredient, at home!

– natural, tender, marbled and aged beef –

You can trust the Karpaten Premium Angus beef – produced locally, internationally awarded with a world silver medal!


T-bone beef steak cooking on grill

Premium Angus

Șorț profesional pentru grătar Angus Grill Master

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Why choose Angus beef?

We help you eat healthy, offering you the best option for you and your family’s food.
Premium Angus beef is the result of exceptional genetics, proper animal care and natural fodder feeding. The process culminates with the beef’s aging, in the DRY AGE system, refining the final product. The production system is natural, fully controlled, guaranteeing fresh beef with high marbling, tenderness and flavour.

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Net quantity: 220 g
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approx. 1-1.2 kg/piece
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Ribeye - gift
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Provenance and traceability - farm from Sibiu

Premium Angus beef is produced in Transylvania, in Sibiu, in a gastronomical rich area. The beff is naturally and wholesomely sourced from Angus cattle raised in a low-stress environment.
From grass to beef, from farm to your plate!​
The beef’s superior quality starts from top genetics and throughout the entire production process, we pursue the development of its quality. This is carried out from calving, nursing the calf by the mother until 7-8 months, rearing in an extensive pasture system, natural fodder obtained on the farm during the winter period and fodder recipes for fattening carefully selected according to the principles of sustainable agriculture.

Recently viewed products

Professional grill apron Angus Grill MasterProfessional grill apron Angus Grill Master
Model: Angus Grill Master
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Digital thermometer with timer for steaksDigital thermometer with timer for steaks
Digital thermometer and kitchen timer: -50 / + 250 gr C
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2.5kg - 1.5kg Knuckle, 1kg Eye of round
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4kg - 1kg Striploin, 1kg Ribeye steak, 1kg Picanha, 1kg Goulash
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Beef is becoming more popular and recommended by doctors and nutritionists alike, also preferred by many celebrities such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Matthew McConaughey, Miley Cyrus (even Queen Elizabeth II of England’s menu included it). Discover why you are encouraged by farmers and economists to choose a locally produced, grass-fed beef – in an extensive system, suitable for Michelin-starred menus, but also for your home menu!


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