750 g Angus topside

2 eggs

150 g bread crumbs

150 g flour

Salt and pepper to taste

A few lemon’ slices

Oil for cooking

100 g butter


 ➤ Preparation mode for wiener schnitzel with Angus topside

Cut the beef into 0,5 cm thick slices. Then with a schnitzel hammer tenderize the beef, beating each slice until it reaches a thickness of 2 mm. This will make the beef much tender and easy to be cooked in depth. Season with salt and freshly ground pepper. Take 3 plates and put in each of them one the following 3 ingredients: flour, beaten eggs, bread crumbles. Use them in the same order to form the specific schnitzel crust.

Heat up a not very large pan with a little oil over high heat. Put 2 schnitzel slices each time in the pan and fry over medium to high fire and brown them on both sides. Just before it’s done, add a teaspoon of butter for extra flavour.

Hen ready, remove the schnitzel from the pan and put them on a plate covered with 2 paper towels so that the oil excess to be absorbed. You will probably need to clean the pan because the oil may turn dark and you do not want the schnitzel to burn.  So add some oil again in the pan, heat it and continue frying, until you have finished cooking all the slices. Serve them warm with a potato salad, a crudités salad and lemon. 

 You can find the topside in the Family Pack (HERE) or in the Kid Pack (HERE).

➤ Enjoy your meal!

* wiener schnitzel recipe taken from the gastronomical blog