Beef offers more than 10 essential nutrients, including protein, iron, zinc and B12 and B6 vitamins, in a delicious, low-calorie package. Besides the aromatic taste that attracts us to this meat, it is remarkable that it is healthy as well.



Beef for a healthy heart.

Consuming high-quality beef helps and supports the body by giving it the nutrients needed to grow and harmoniously develop muscles. Of all the muscles of the body, indisputably, the heart is the most important one, and in order to maintain it in shape, both a constant exercise program and a proper diet are needed. A complete diet for this purpose includes vegetables, fruits and meat, namely vitamins, fibres, fats and proteins. Fats fall into several categories, they may be unhealthy (saturated ones) or may be beneficial to the body (unsaturated). What many people do not know is that the same type of monounsaturated fats found in avocados and in olive oil are also present in beef. Studies show that following a balanced diet that includes beef helps maintain normal blood pressure and lipid levels in the blood. Also, replacing carbohydrates with proteins is a useful strategy for preventing hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Considering this, it is not surprising that many medical studies demonstrate beneficial effects in consuming beef and even recommend a consumption of 100-150 gr of beef / day.



Simple ways to integrate beef into a healthy daily menu:

▬ Choose a high- quality beef. Premium Angus beef is very tender and aromatic, comes from naturally grown cattle on the pastures of Transylvania and there are a variety of pieces, tailored to different needs and tastes.

▬ Do not forget about fruits and vegetables. Beef fits perfectly with various fruits and vegetables such as courgette, corn, pineapple and plums and they lend the beef a delicious taste, while completing the menu.

▬ In the preparation of Angus beef dishes (steaks or stews), you can use a simple, but very tasty garnish, using vegetables like pepper or mushrooms.

▬ At dinner you should eat a smaller portion. If you’re dining in the city, you can ask for a baby sized burger, and if there’s no choice, eat only half a serving, keeping the rest for the next day lunch.

▬ For cooking the beef, pay attention to the temperature. Beef burning is not recommended; so, for foods that require high temperatures, take care of observing the exact cooking time. Details of the degree of doneness can be found on our site.

▬ For marinated dishes, it is advisable that the marinade contains as little sugar as possible. A small amount of sugar prevents the outer caramelising of the beef and its burning.



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