Transylvanian Angus deserves your trust. The entire production process – from grass to table – is carefully controlled and monitored. Everything starts from top genetics, then suitable breeding, farm management, natural foraging, slaughtering at the highest standards, cutting and specialized processing. This complete system is the guarantee that we obtain a beef with high degree of marbling and tenderness, unique taste, and which at all tasting events stands out without exception from all the other cattle breeds in the world.

Swiss quality management

Swiss beef quality management ensures that the cattle are kept according to environment and animal protection norms. The cattle that the beef comes from are treated in a way that honours these management regulations based on tradition and international know-how in raising and improving this breed.

Carcass grading

A suitable live animal selection for slaughtering and a neutral grading of carcasses leads to transparency in ensuring beef quality but also a recognition of our position on the market. This activity is undertaken by an agency in the Agriculture Ministry, namely the Carcass Grading Commission. The result of this neutral grading works as a general assessment of the beef market development.


Premium Angus beef traceability offers the consumer trust, all the process can be traced it from slaughterhouse to sale. The complete and precise identification of all documents about cattle and beef, respectively, makes this possible. Along the entire Angus beef production process, from raising to sales, there are special programmes for managing cattle and beef, respectively.


Obtaining products that are under the guaranteed brand of Angus Group Quality Guaranteed undergoes systematic control. A complete quality management system guarantees that norms concerning origin and production are respected. The control system covers the entire production chain, therefore ensuring product traceability.

Sustainable usage of land

Less than two thirds of the entire arable land in Romania is represented by green spaces used for raising cattle. These areas are often steep or at altitudes that are too high to be used for other farming purposes, but Angus cattle can use these pastures as food source in view of a high-quality food product. Thus natural resources are turned into valuable foods, ensuring a healthy biodiversity.

Low fresh water consumption

Due to heavy rainfall, in Romania artificial irrigation systems can be spared for pastures and grasslands. While agriculture consumes about 70% of the entire fresh water consumption globally, Romania is one of the countries with the lowest levels of consumption.

Chemical-free forage

The main forage sources for Angus cattle are grass and hay – only at the finishing stage does one add extra silage and cereal.  Our forage does not contain concentrated feed, soy, genetically modified organisms or bone meal. The forage is made naturally following guidelines of green farming. Hormones and antibiotics are forbidden. There are no imports for cattle foraging.

Food safety

Transylvanian beef deserves your trust. The products can be traced along the entire production chain all the way back to the farm, Romania being considered as mostly disease-free, while strict regulations ensure safe conditions for beef production.