Premium Angus: The Choice of Culinary Experts

Quality and Consistency for HORECA Professionals

Karpaten Meat Siebenbuergen is the leading producer and supplier of Angus beef for the entire food sector in the HORECA industry: gourmet restaurants, butchers, meat shops, delis, and also for major retailers in Romania.

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Why Choose Premium Angus?

Karpaten Meat Group is one of the few Romanian companies that fully integrate the agro-zootechnical production chain, starting from feed production and animal raising to slaughter and processing. It’s a complete business model that ensures quality and versatility throughout the production process.

Karpaten Premium Angus beef is the result of exceptional genetics and proper care for animals that are raised freely on pastures and fed with natural forage. The production system is natural and fully controlled, guaranteeing fresh meat with a high degree of marbling, tenderness, and exceptional taste.

Thanks to our own slaughterhouse and cutting unit, we can customize orders, offering cuts from the most well-known and appreciated to special cuts for extravagant menus. The process culminates with meat aging using the DRY AGE method, refining the final product.

National Network of Collaborators

Our mission goes beyond being a supplier. In order to develop quality culinary habits among consumers, our attention is focused on partners from all over the country, alongside whom we provide customers with access to superior products, obtained locally and 100% natural.

Chefs, internationally recognized restaurant managers, butchers, and meat shop owners use and recommend Karpaten Premium Angus beef.

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Product Range for Professionals

Quality and Certifications

Over time, Premium Angus beef produced in Romania has been recognized nationally and internationally in various competitions, dinners, culinary events, and even royal banquets.

It has also received awards at the World Masters of Grill event, the largest culinary event in Romania, supported by Chef Robert Rainford, the World King of Grills, a master of the culinary art, a specialty writer, and a professor at George Brown College in Toronto, Canada.

At the World Steak Challenge 2019, the Angus beef produced in Sibiu was awarded two silver medals and one bronze medal. These achievements are extremely valuable, both for us as a producer and for our country.


We ensure the delivery of our products across the entire country as quickly as possible. We have our own fleet of modern refrigerated vans, properly equipped to maintain a constant cold temperature.


With our HoReCa partnerships, we aim to diversify the menu offerings (adding creative dishes using lesser-known cuts alongside the famous steaks), provide local staff with information about the products they sell, support our partners’ communication efforts, and actively participate in culinary events.

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Cătălin Scărlătescu
Chef jurat @”Chefi la cuțite”

"Chefs, bloggers, restaurant managers, internationally recognized chefs, butchers, and meat shop owners all recommend Karpaten Premium Angus beef."

Chef Alex Petricean

"I am very focused on nature and enjoy extracting flavor. From my experience, I've learned that everything must be coherent. My desire has always been to evoke an emotion, to create a food story, and Karpaten Premium Angus beef is the perfect foundation."

Chef Eric Stevens

"Despite my diverse culinary training, today my kitchen could be described as globally eclectic, with a focus on experimentation and delivering unique flavors from around the world. I offer a culinary journey, and Angus beef aligns perfectly with this concept, being a local product with worldwide renown."

Chef Steffen von der Dunk

"Premium Angus beef allows me to offer a culinary experience where I can blend classic recipes with influences from other countries, creating a fusion of spices and flavors. Cross-Over Cuisine is the perfect kitchen concept that combines tradition and modernity, making innovation accessible to all."

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