Cowboy Steak and Tomahawk are Ribeye (or Eye of the Rib), identical pieces of steak except that the Tomahawk has 7 inches of extra rib, is hollow bone that protruding into the extension of the piece of meat. It has the name tomahawk because the piece of meat with the longer bone looks like an axe. As a special characteristic, due to its longer bone and thickness of about 5cm, this piece cannot be cooked in a regular pan. We suggest cooking it on the grill by indirect baking followed by a classic roasting.


The indirect pre-cooking is meant to penetrate the meat inside, as an impressive 5cm thick piece of steak would remain completely uncooked in the middle in the 3-5 minutes of classic grilling.  

➤ For Tomahawk/ Cowboy steak on the grill you need: 1 kg Tomahawk / Cowboy salt pepper 1 cube of quality butter

But also of:

1 charcoal lighter 1 charcoal grill 1 meat thermometer


Tomahawk preparation method:

If the piece of meat is frozen, leave it in the fridge for 2 -3 days and thaw slowly. Afterwards dry the surface of the meat with a paper towel. Season generously with salt and pepper before placing on the grill.


Grilling starts by preparing the two heat zones. Heat the coals thoroughly. They are ready to use when they start to turn grey on the surface.


The hot coals are placed in one half of the grill pan and the other half is left completely uncovered with coals. Place the meat on the cold half of the grill. Don’t wait for the grill to heat up as usual, because our goal is a slow bake right from the start at low temperature.


For uniform baking turn the beef every 5 minutes. Keep the meat as far away from the heat source as much as the grill surface will allow. After 15 minutes of cooking, start checking the internal temperature of the meat. The centre will be the last to warm and the edges will be 10-20°C warmer. When the centre of the roast reaches 95-100°C, remove the meat from the grill and cover with foil for at least 10-15 minutes.


For quick roasting and a nice crust, the heat should be intensified: fill the grill whit coals halfway, heat the coals thoroughly and add them on top of the existing coals in the grill pan. Allow the grill to heat up. Place the steak on the hot half of the grill and grill for one minute on each side, including the fat side. If needed, add another half minute on each side.


Once removed from the hot grill, season the steak with a sprinkle of salt and a cube of high-quality butter, remove the rib and slice very thinly in the opposite direction to meat fibre.