Angus beef is presented everywhere: in restaurants, fast food chains or shops. Few people know about cattle breeds, classifications or stages of production behind the selling scene.



About the Aberdeen Angus breed

Aberdeen Angus cattle were raised from indigenous cattle in Scotland by Hugh Watson in the mid-19th century. There is Angus in red and black, but the most common is Black Angus.

The Angus breed has a number of advantages in beef production and beef qualities and has quickly become popular as a reproduction breed, as it helps reducing survival problems among other cattle breeds. Due to its increased resistance and the general popularity of the Angus breed, it has become the most popular breed in the United States.

Angus is a cattle breed, not a beef quality. Angus does not imply that beef is organic, natural or of a better quality than any other type of beef.



Angus Beef

Not every beef named Angus is of superior quality. Only the name on the label does not guarantee that the products fully comply with the high standard. In recent years, the name of the race has become an insinuation of a whole process, creating the illusion of a guaranteed product.

In order for the finished product to really get to the popularity of the Angus name, cattle genetics, raising and feeding, finishing, slaughtering and cutting the meat, all have an important role in getting and delivering the promised product.



The origin of the beef

If you like Angus beef, make sure you buy quality beef and not just something labelled Angus.

In order to find out about the products you are using, always check their source. There are manufacturers that offer the possibility of complete product traceability and valuable information about the process, ensuring transparency in customer relationship.

Premium Angus beef is obtained through a fully controlled process. As part of our Angus Cattle Growing Program, the carcass classification is constant, ensuring a high degree of marbling and offering a superior quality of dry-aged beef that meets consumers’ requirements.