H-Vac vacuum cooking bags

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Super strong DRY AGER® vacuum bag in black with logo, in approx. 160 µ film thickness, ideal for sharp-edged products or with a particularly long storage time of the vacuumed goods. About 70 % stronger than the Lava R-Vac vacuum bags. Size 25 cm x 30 cm (50 pieces).

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NEW: Boil-proof vacuum bags – heatable up to 121 °C

The new original Lava vacuum cooking bags perfectly protect your food – even at high temperatures and long cooking times.

The best protection for your food: When preparing pre-cooked food, vacuum bags are heated for a longer period of time and are constantly in contact with food. It is therefore particularly important to use high quality and durable bags. Lava H-Vac cooking bags offer your food full protection even during prolonged heating and high temperatures. Cook your food in the H-Vac cooking bag for up to 30 minutes at + 121 °C, up to 2 h at 100°C or up to 72 h at 85°C without any problems.

Proven Lava quality: H-Vac cooking bags, like all vacuum bags from Lava, meet very high quality standards and are produced exclusively in Switzerland. They are 100% free of plasticisers and BPA, as well as food-safe and tasteless. It goes without saying that Lava vacuum cooking bags can be used with any make of vacuum sealer.

– Ribbed / textured bags
– Extremely temperature resistant: -30 to + 121 °C
– Perfect for preparing pre-cooked dishes
– The best protection for your food – no softening of welds
– Quality made in Switzerland
– Suitable for all makes of vacuum sealer
– Extra fine structure (juice is only sucked up slowly)
– Suitable for refrigerated and frozen storage
– Food safe, tasteless and odourless
– 100 % BPA-free
– 100 % free from softeners

Lava recommends the use of H-Vac cooking bags for all sous vide dishes cooked at a temperature above 70°C for more than 2 h. Lava recommends always using Lava vacuum bags when using a Lava vacuum sealer. These are optimally designed for your vacuum sealer and guarantee a long shelf life for your products.

Find out all about Premium Angus packages, how you can have a healthy menu on our blog.

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