“Marbling” is the name for those fine white fat lines in the meat which melt during cooking and tenderize the meat, giving it a unique flavour. Marbling is a genetic feature which is also intensified through the finishing method. Intramuscular fat has an essential role in meat quality from the beginning of the dry-ageing process, and results in the tenderizing of the muscle fibres.


Healthy food for the entire family

Our beef meets the demands of premium beef consumers: healthy food made under safe conditions which can be savoured with trust. Over the entire period of cattle rearing no antibiotics, artificial growth hormones or animal by-products are administered.

At the finishing stage foraging is supplemented with a small amount of cereal in order to intensify the marbling and ensure a clean, white fat.


Free-range, sustainably grown cattle

Over the entire course of the year the cattle are kept on grassland, able to take turns at grazing grass, clover, and lucern depending on their bodily needs. During winter months, their foraging consists of naturally obtained forage and supplements from different silos. Our cattle are sustainably raised. As they graze, the cattle perform most of the soil fertilizing work, spreading nutrients for the next grass crop.

Meat quality is also a result of how we treat our cattle over their entire growth period. Therefore, raised in a low-stress environment, the cattle stay calm, are easier to handle and as a result we have an end product of a much higher quality.

Traceability and fresh meat

Premium Angus comes from young Angus cattle aged 17-24 months. The beef is delivered fresh. The cattle are transported directly from farm to slaughterhouse, from where the carcasses are directed to the processor, to be cut according to specifications, therefore having clear meat traceability.


Controlled system at all stages of production

The entire process of beef production is fully controlled through the Quality Guaranteed by Angus Group certification system.

To get the best quality we perform and recommend a dry-age maturation system. The pieces are left to mature for at least 21 days to maximize all quality criteria of the beef.

In our Angus cattle rearing programme, carcass grading is constant, therefore enabling a high degree of marbling and providing premium beef quality to meet consumer demands.


Standards and grades of beef

• Superior build: muscular, moderate and well-defined

• Age: only calves, up to 24 months

• No dark cuts

• Fat layer of 1-2 cm – enough for correct and complete ageing

• Marbling: intense, achieved both genetically and through finishing

• All pieces are matured for 14-21 days depending on the type of cutting

• Beef is manually cut, vacuum-packed and transported to end customer


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