Quality is managed and monitored at every step of the process and certified with Quality Guaranteed by Angus Group, an international Angus quality system recognised as a high standard for producing premium beef. This guarantees that the beef our customers receive is Angus beef of top quality, extra tender, of improved texture and unique taste.


The production process is monitored step by step from farm to slaughterhouse, cutting and packaging, so the Angus Group Quality Guaranteed quality engineers monitor the whole process and the grading of carcasses, therefore ensuring the identification and quality of the product, according to international standards recognised by premium beef connoisseurs. The certification seal is proof of the entire process.


For a healthy growth and a 100% pure and natural Angus cattle rearing system, it is mandatory not to administer any growth hormones, antibiotics or genetically modified organisms, but rather run things “as nature intended”. Our partner farm boasts the secret of constantly supplying beef of remarkable taste, by boosting natural grazing, which can make all the difference for a sustainable and healthy future, not only for Romania, but for all of Europe.

The aim of the Angus Group Quality Guaranteed certification is to give customers trust through a steady supply of high-quality, finely marbled, tender and exquisitely tasting beef. The Angus Group Quality Guaranteed certification system offers: farm-to-table traceability,  genetic authentication of Angus cattle and the promise of sustainable environmental management.


To savour quality beef you depend on its tenderness, juiciness and flavour. These three features can be improved by farming practices, as well as the manner of beef processing. Angus Group Quality Guaranteed ensures good quality at every step of the production process. Also, beef processing is rigorously controlled and tested to ensure consumer safety and top quality.