Angus beef from Transylvania are reared and fattened exclusively on grasslands, native pastures and land that is unfit for most crops. Variations in seasonal and geographical factors can influence the quality of beef coming from grass-fed cattle. Due to an increasing demand for natural and healthy food, the beef fed with Transylvanian grass is seen as an important part of a healthy diet.


Angus beef cattle, being free-range and grass-fed, naturally have a lower level of saturated fats and cholesterol, while providing a higher level of antioxidants and Omega 3 fatty acids. More than this, antioxidants, vitamins A and C, beta-carotene and trace elements are present in the beef coming from these cattle. The risk of E.coli contamination for cattle which are fed cereal in stables is much higher than free range cattle. For grass-fed cattle this is less likely to occur in the free-range extensive system we use.

For all these reasons, consumers keep looking for more beef coming from cattle that were fed grass on pastures. For further details on our products please access the SHOP section.

The latest analyses in the field are pointing out why beef coming from beef cattle fed with grass is better for human health than the beef coming from cereal-fed cattle:

80% more fat0

30% less cholesterol0

> 140 calories per portion0

4 x more vitamin E and vitamin C0

10 x more vitamin A0

3 x more concentrated linolenic acid 0

4 x proportion of essential fatty acids0

2 x more Beta Carotene 40