Maranc professional santoku knife, German steel, 18 cm

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If you’ve always wanted to excel in the culinary arts, then this Maranc professional knife model is for you. Discover the outstanding qualities of a quality professional knife and its features in the following lines:


  • Blade length: 18CM
  • Blade material: German steel 1.4116
  • Handle material: Ebony wood
  • Product Code: M64

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Innovative and impressive design

A professional kitchen knife doesn’t just have to feature a string of qualities to be worthy of choosing it. Having a simple yet elegant and refined design will fit perfectly into your chef’s kit. The elegantly maintaining handle, made of pakka wood, pores the harshness of the metal blade.

Discover this stunning model and add it to your collection and you’ll have everything you need to make perfect dishes every time.


German quality materials

Combining high quality materials, it is a knife model that can offer the most advantages when used by any chef. Forged from German 1.4116 steel, the best and strongest twin steel, it is a premium quality product with wear resistance, durability, stain and corrosion resistance. It is a balanced knife model that will serve you for a long time having superior properties than any others on the market today. The construction of the knife has been made in one piece so that strength is ensured throughout the entire life of use.


Precise cutting and complete safety

Every time you use this professional knife model you will be able to be completely satisfied as it has the ability to deliver perfect results every time you want to cut something. It can easily be used to successfully perform daily tasks in the kitchen, as it is a professional knife model that can deliver perfect results every time.


Strength and durability

Thanks to the high-quality materials that adorn this Maranc professional knife model, it features high strength and excellent durability over time. Due to the fact that it has been treated against corrosion the resistance of this professional knife is unquestionable.


Easy maintenance

It is a knife that is very easy to maintain in the same way as any other model, and in order to take advantage of all its benefits it is recommended to maintain it properly. Our recommendation is to wash the knife by hand as this way the blade will not get damaged and after washing wipe the blade with a dry cloth.


An exceptional gift for your loved ones

For those who are looking for a special gift for a food enthusiast, we recommend this professional knife from Maranc. Having a number of great qualities, it will be the perfect gift for even the most discerning chef. To help you out, we offer the knife in an elegant gift box so that the presentation of the gift is impeccable.


Weight                  1 kg

Dimensions          10 × 10 × 10 cm

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