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We know how hard it is to find reliable frankfurters, ham or pastrami, that’s why for our family, but also for you, we have created a range of breakfast products only from Angus beef, created according to classic recipes, in a responsible way,no injection, no preservatives and no meat substitutes, keeping the true taste of Angus beef.

The entire production process is safe and guarantees freshness, and you can always be sure that your meals benefit from the tastiest meat dishes, produced with the utmost care, for the health of the whole family.

with your loved ones!

750 – 800g
* This pack will be delivered only on the 26th of April
** For orders with delivery in Sibiu you have a 10% discount on the total order.

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Package description

Due to the quality standards that have become part of our tradition over time, we rank among the producers with the safest and tastiest products in Romania.

For us, responsible production means making decisions based on clear principles that guide us through every step of production.

  • We use only Angus beef produced on the Karpaten Meat farm in the Hârtibaciu Valley in Sibiu from cattle bred naturally in an extensive system on pasture
  • We do not use meat substitutes
  • We do not use MDM meat (mechanically deboned meat)
  • We do not use preservatives, gelling agents, antioxidants, food coloring, additives or enzymes
  • Does not contain vegetable protein or soy
  • We produce fresh, in small series, with short shelf life
  • Only natural spices are used in the production process
  • Smoking is done naturally, with hardwood (beech, plum, cherry)
  • All products are made in the butcher’s shop in the best conditions.

Angus beef pastrami has the unmistakable taste of really fresh ingredients. Product made according to a classic recipe made of carefully shaped and deboned round and shoulder, matured in a dry-age system and smoked in classic smoke cells made of hardwood.

Ingredients: Angus beef, salt.
Packing method: 1 pc. vacuum packed, ~ 350g


Created only from natural ingredients, our frankfurters have the best recipe because they contain only Angus beef, without bacon or other pork fat. 100% Angus beef which, through its fat, gives the dish a delicious taste and a fine texture, turning them into super frankfurters. Hot dogs are among the oldest known products, and the greatest specialists are the Germans, although they became known through the famous hot dog from New York.

We created our own recipe and seasoned them according to the perfect taste of our experts, and the reaction of those who tasted them was appropriate. It is very suitable for children’s breakfast, but also for adults.

Product boiled and packed in natural membrane
Ingredients: Angus beef, salt, pepper, paprika.
Packing: 1 pack with 4 pieces vacuumed at ~ 350g


Premium Angus ham has a unique aroma due to Angus beef which has a special essence but also due to the way of manufacturing, all contributing to a tender product that melts in the mouth. Cuts of Angus beef are carefully chosen and processed like doing it at home for yourself.  Along with the special aroma of Angus beef, natural spices lend their fragrance and add to the richness of taste, to the juiciness to ensure its tenderness. This product is made traditionally, naturally and is not modified by the addition of food additives. Angus ham is suitable for breakfast, but it also great for making a sandwich or for hot dishes.

Product obtained by boiling and smoking.
Ingredients: Angus beef pulp, salt, nutmeg, polyphosphate, garlic and pepper.
Packing method: 1 pc. vacuumed at ~ 350g


Weight: 2.6 kg
Dimensions: 26x16x31 cm
Transport temperature: for a period of 36 hours between -2°C and +3°C
Storage temperature: between 2°C and +5°C
Delivery condition: refrigerated
Shelf life: 12 days after packing
Package value: the price includes transport and VAT
Packaging: vacuum plastic foil

Find out all about Premium Angus packages, how you can have a healthy menu on our blog.

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