1. When will my order be available?

Orders must be placed online, by phone or by email, by Friday of the current week for the merchandise to be delivered the next week, on Thursday. Orders placed later than current Friday will be delayed by up to 2 weeks.
Premium Angus will deliver every Thursday form our storehouses. Your order will be confirmed by email. In case of mismatches/discrepancies you will be contacted by phone to validate the order or to be communicated any changes.

2. How is my order packaged in such a way that the beef does not go off during transport?

In order for the cold chain not to be interrupted, your beef is wrapped in a polystyrene thermal insulated box 3cm thick. The transportation box contains ice packs that will keep the meat cold. Due to the ice packs the meat sealed in vacuum-packed bags will have an ideal temperature similar to a fridge. Over the entire transportation period, the meat packs will not be affected by the cooling agent. Compared to common ice, ice packs keep the product at a lower temperature for several hours.

3. Can I only order pre-arranged packages or can I choose separate beef pieces of a chosen weight?

For the moment, Premium Angus can only offer these pre-arranged packages. The Angus beef selected for these packages includes carcass forequarters and hindquarters, so that we can offer you a wide range of products. A customized cutting can only be performed if you order a whole carcass.

4. Which is the shelf life of the products?

The shelf life of our products respects the expiry date marked on the package tag. The expiry date varies between 12 and 15 days from delivery. The packing date will be displayed on the tag. Further information on the tag includes slaughtering date, cutting date, slaughtering and cutting unit and carcass origin.

5. How to keep Angus beef?

Angus beef can be kept in a basic non-refrigerated state at 2° –  4° C, or can be refrigerated at -18 ° C.  The meat should be kept in its original packaging for defrosting, in order to maintain an optimal hygienic standard. The products kept in the fridge should be consumed before date inscribed on tag. Frozen products should be consumed before having been kept in the freezer for 6 months.  Once defrosted, it is not recommended to freeze the meat again, because meat quality will suffer.

6. If I have defrosted the beef, how do I use it afterwards?

If you have frozen the beef and wish to use it afterwards, the defrosting must take place in the fridge within a 12-24 -hour period. Do not defrost or cook the beef in the microwave oven. This can change the texture and flavour of beef. Do not cook beef frozen or partly frozen – the meat will become dry and coarse. Before cooking, the beef must be taken out of its packaging and left to breathe for up to 2 hours.

7. Which type of beef is better, fresh or frozen?

After receiving the package you must keep the meat in the fridge, and only just before cooking it should you expose it to room temperature. We recommend to buy the meat fresh, because after freezing the meat must respect some defrosting rules in order not to lose its qualities. As a rule, shelf life for meat depends on the temperature it s exposed to. The more temperature fluctuation, the shorter its shelf life.