For the steak:

200 g or 2 pieces of Angus chuck

Olive oil

Grainy salt

Black pepper


For the salad:

1 baby salad (salad core)

1 little radicchio

1 large carrot

100 g cherry tomatoes

10 cm salad cucumber

5 radishes

2 slice bacon


For the Thousand Island Dressing:

¼ red bell pepper

1 spiced Cornichon cucumber

3 tablespoons mayonnaise

1 tablespoon ketchup

Sweet paprika

Tabasco sauce


For the bread with garlic:

1 garlic clove

25 g melted butter

1 tablespoon sunflower oil/rapeseed oil

Salt and pepper

½ Baguette


 Preparation mode salad with chuck beef:

Blot the chuck beef dry with a paper towel, massage it vigorously with olive oil and leave it aside for 30 minutes. Wash the salad and cut its leaves in broad strips. Peel and mince the radicchio. The Cut the peeled carrot into thin slices and the cherry tomatoes in half. Peel the cucumber and cut it lengthwise, remove its core with seeds and slice the remaining halves perpendicular to the length. Cut the radishes into thin slices. The ingredients for the salad will be divided into two and put into 2 large bowls.

Sear the bacon slices without oil in a pan, to get a crunchy texture and leave to drain on an absorbent kitchen towel, then crumble and sprinkle over the salad.

For the dressing, wash the bell pepper and finely chop, as well as the seasoned pickled cucumber. Incorporated both into mayonnaise and ketchup and season with sweet paprika and spicy Tabasco sauce. Pour the dressing over the salad.

Heat up a cast iron skillet over a high heat. Cook the steaks for 3-4 minutes on each side (until rare or medium rare), and season with salt when you turn the beef cut on the other side. Remove the skillet from the fire and let it aside for more 5 minutes. Slice the steaks into thin slices and sprinkle over the salad. Season everything with grainy salt and black pepper.

Peel the garlic clove and cut it into thin slices. Melt the butter, mix it gradually with the oil, until it becomes creamy and season with the chopped garlic clove, salt and pepper. Cut the baguette lengthwise and spread the garlic cream on the flat surfaces. Heat the oven for 5 minutes at a high temperature, then put the baguettes into the upper half of the oven until slightly browned. Serve the garlic bread hot with the farmer’s salad.


 Enjoy your meal!

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