Premium Angus beef distinguishes itself by its taste and flavour from the beef of other breeds or even from the European Angus beef. The cattle breeding system makes the difference.


Throughout a cow’s life, from birth to slaughter, the most important aspect is feeding it in the healthiest, most natural way. Therefore, the pastures the cattle spend their life on are crucial to a higher quality of the beef.


The lands of Transylvania are characterized by the presence of natural and semi-natural vegetation (grasslands, meadows) very rich in different types of plants. All year round, the cattle can alternatively graze on grass, clover, alfalfa, to meet their bodily needs.



As a local producer of a high-quality product, our main desire is to contribute to the creation of a gastronomic culture regarding beef consumption in Romania and to facilitate the access of consumers to these local products, 100% natural, obtained through a fully controlled process with complete traceability.


We teach consumers to value high quality food, to properly evaluate the nutritional qualities of consumed products, to try to find out where their food comes from and the correct way to combine ingredients, and to invest mainly in quality nutritional habits in order to lead a balanced life in a healthy and beautiful body.



Our goal is to provide reliable products to consumers, constantly ensuring a branded beef, well-marbled, tender and with a superior taste. Angus Group Quality Certification System Guaranteed offers: traceability from farm to plate, authentication genetic Angus cattle and a promise of sustainable environmental management.


This complete system does not only include the benefit of complete traceability that makes our products appreciated in a market where there are only imported products with sources that are difficult to verify. We are also talking about the efficiency of this way of obtaining beef, with a short production chain, from the producer to the final consumer.


Last but not least, we are talking about responsibility both in terms of production and consumption. With each action and each process, we aim to promote the entire carcass, not only the world-renowned premium cuts. We want beef lovers to experiment other less common cuts and discover the taste of Premium Angus in a diverse range of dishes.