Micery becomes localANGUS – find it, cook it, savor Angus in Romania.

Micery becomes localANGUS – find it, cook it, savor Angus in Romania.

The local brand MICeria transforms into localANGUS! With the expansion of the network of partners selling Angus beef produced on the Karpaten Meat Group farm, the MICeria brand expands and becomes localANGUS.

A brand designed to guide beef enthusiasts to restaurants or alternative kitchens, butcher shops, or meat shops in Romania that include Angus beef on their menu/product list, localANGUS is the starting point. It is the meeting place for Angus beef traders in Romania, serving as the intersection between the local producer and the end consumer.

We highlight local businesses that value quality, share news about our partners’ events, and other interesting information from partner units. We take you along on the roads of the country and guide you to delicious destinations with natural and healthy dishes.



As the name suggests, Local Angus is the brand that promotes local Angus beef, produced in Romania, and where you can find it (anywhere in the country).


From where?

Starting with the grass from the pastures of Transylvania, on the Karpaten Meat Group farm, results in premium Angus beef, 100% natural, recognized and internationally awarded for its quality at the World Steak Challenge.



From the Karpaten Meat Group farm, directly to your plate. Angus beef is delivered throughout Romania to restaurants, butcher shops, meat shops, and other partners. This way, you can find, cook, and taste Angus beef from Romania, both at the source and in your own home.